UFO – Paper pieced blocks

This year I been busy working on some of my 2015 UFOs.

In 2015 I took a paper pieced block of the month class.   I made 6 blocks before I started working part time at the quilt shop.    I loved the blocks but didn’t really want to make a quilt out of them so they landed in my UFO project box.   Paperpieced-3 Paperpieced-2

I recently pulled them out of the UFO project box,  quilted two of them and mounted them on 14″ x 14″ canvas frames.   We use stretcher frames or framed canvases (whichever is on sale and cheaper) and then staple gun them on the frames.   This allows them to easily fit on our art display wall.

Our display wall features framed art from our travels, photos of mine, and fabric art pieces that we’ve made.

Paperpieced-display wall

We like to change out our art seasonally so we do not get bored with our art wall.   Guest seem to enjoy seeing what’s up on the wall too.   Sometimes there are more photos than fabric art and sometime it is mostly fabric art.   We do have lots of small fabric art pieces and this wall allows us to display them (when you have limited free wall space).

I’ve had the display rail system for a number of years and is it great.   You can easily adjust the hangers/hooks to the layout you want.   I got it at Pottery Barn.   They no long have this one, but they do have something similar (and I think I like the new design better).   It’s call a STUDIO WALL EASEL.

Not sure what I’ll do with the other paper pieced blocks but perhaps they will turn into pillows.

Happy Stitchin’,






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