Deconstructed Poppy

In 2014 I made this Field Poppy piece.


              Original Poppy (2014 version)

While I love the background (a technique from a Gloria Loughman’s Radiant Landscapes book), I really didn’t care for the puffed poppy that I created.   I was playing with a 3D effect and stuffed it from behind but it really didn’t look great.  So….. I took off the red poppy.   FUN!  If I can construct it, then I can also deconstructed it.

The next step was to created a new poppy to appliquéd it on the background.    I looked at lots of images, online, of poppies to decided on what I wanted.   I found two that I liked.  One was a real detailed poppy and would take a lot of work to create and the other was much more simplified.  I was leaning to the detailed poppy option.  Then I decided to ask Donna for her opinion (one of the advantages of having another quilter in the family)  of these options.     Donna looked at them and ask me what I wanted the “star” of the quilt to be (the background or the poppy).   Wow (lightbulb moment)….. I hadn’t thought of that!    I wanted the “star” to be the background (as that’s what I really love) so I picked the more simplified poppy.    My sister is brilliant.

(BAC entry) Mary Harned - Field Poppy

 2016 version

I think the new poppy is 100% better than my 1st attempt and that the piece is now balanced.   What do you think?   Be honest and don’t be mislead by the color quality of the picture.   The background is identical.

I have a number of UFOs that I’m just not happy  with (something just isn’t right).  Maybe that is why they are still UFOs.    Instead of just looking at them for what is left to be done on them (e.g. quilting), I’m going to really look at them to see if I should deconstruct them.

As one’s quilting/artist eye matures, perhaps what we saw 2 years ago is not our vision for today.   Just a thought.

Happy Stitchin’



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