Red Hat Chicks fabric bowl

Yes….. I’m still quilting but have been slow to post my projects.   So you’ll be seeing more of them, now that I’ve taken pics of them.

Fabric bowl - red hat chicks - side viewDonna has made a number of these fabric bowls and here is one that I made as a holiday gift for one of our quilting friends.

These bowls are soooooooo much fun to make.   You can appliqué anything on them (a great way to use some of those row-by-row patterns that everyone hFabric bowl - red hat chicksas been collecting).

I used a chicks from an old pattern that was in our pattern box.   I did have to reduce the size so that the chicks would fit in the bowl.

After I finished it, I kinda hated to gift it.   I guess that is a sign of a good project.
When I have time, I will make more of these.

Happy Stitchin,




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