Modified Mola design from class by Alice Ridge

 image      I have a small zippered pouch with a Mola design from South America that I really like because it is so colorful.  So I took a class to make a simplified Mola design using felt and flannel without the hand turned applique.  I started the hand stitching using pearle cotton thread.  Well – I have good intentions to finish handwork but it doesn’t always happen.   So I did about 2 rounds of echo stitching using hand stitching and put the project away in one of my UFO boxes.  Today I was watching a youtube video using the Roller foot (Bernina foot #55) to echo quilt around applique.  I thought the Mola project would be great to practice using the Roller foot.  Added bonus – I could complete the project in less time and finish another UFO.  I added a piece of cotton batting between the felt front and back.   I tried using one of the quilting stitches on my machine that looks like hand quilting but the top thread was not thick enough.  So I switched to the triple stitch and used the Roller foot.            imageGreat fun and easy to echo stitch with the feed dogs up.  I also used the pattern begin function when I stopped to make turns while echo quilting.  I added the binding and it was done.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna



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