Back from our trip to Nepal

DSCN9414DSCN9130       Mary and I are back home after our trip to Nepal last month.  We traveled with my son and his new wife to Nepal to meet her family and have a second wedding celebration with her family – my son calls it the “red wedding” since the bride wears red and he also wore red pants with a long tan tunic.  It was an outdoor wedding celebration since there was fire involved.  This was the first Hindu wedding that we had attended.     DSCN9369 We did not see Mt. Everest but did see the Annapurna mountains that are part of the Himalayas mountains when we traveled to Pokhara.       DSCN9336

We spent most of our time in Kathmandu, the capital.  We went to a beautiful garden near our hotel.  We saw this ceiling in the garden – reminded us of a quilt.

Also visited many temples both Hindu and Buddhist in the city.  Many of the the temples had been damaged by the earthquakes.  There were large photo posters showing what the temples had looked like before the earthquakes.  There was reconstruction work in progress on many of the temples.  The local markets were full of many colorful products made in Nepal.

DSCN9135We did find a woman’s craft co-op in Pokhara and bought some Christmas gifts for family and friends – lots of beautiful handwoven fabric.  Of course we had to bring back some fabric for future quilt projects.  Fortunately our suitcases were still under the weight limit when we left.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


5 thoughts on “Back from our trip to Nepal

  1. Beautiful picture of the bride and groom! I bet that ‘quilt’ ceiling will be taking shape in fabric soon. Love the photos. Can’t wait to see the fabrics!

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