2015 Hoffman Challenge update

As you know,   Donna and I entered the 2015 Hoffman Challenge and we just learned that we both made it into their Traveling Exhibit.   Woohoo!

Looks like our quilts will be displayed in PA, NJ, NY, Road to Californina, and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt shows.     Looks like we’ll have to make plans to go to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show (in Hampton, VA) next Feb so we can visit our quilts.

To see all the winning quilts go to ===> 2015 Hoffman Challenge Winners

Happy Stitching,


"Honoring Nepal" Donna's Hoffman Challenge entry

“Honoring Nepal” – 
Donna’s Hoffman Challenge entry

"Pinch Me"

“Pinch Me” – Mary’s Hoffman Challenge entry. Curator’s Choice Award for Appliqué.


10 thoughts on “2015 Hoffman Challenge update

  1. Congratulations from rural Ireland! I have been following your site since you visited Galway (for the disastrous Sew Many Places event), and when this pix came in of your Hoffman ideas I was sure there were winners there. Especially liked the whimsy of “Pinch Me.”

  2. Congratulations! I know that this is a big deal. I miss having a quilt shop a mile away from me. I loved going to the classes and was motivated to finish projects.

  3. I am so proud of you guys, I hope you get to see them on display. You two are so prolific. It would be so much fun to get together and find out about all your triumphs. If you are ever close to Tucson, call. We can have a party with you two, Millie and Joanne and me of course.

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