Mary’s Hoffman Challenge piece

This year Donna and I decided to enter a quilt in a big show.   We thought it would be fun to make it into one of the traveling quilt exhibits.   So, we both make an entry for the Hoffman Challenge.


General Hoffman Challenge Rules:

Hoffman Challenge 2015  Fabric

Hoffman Challenge 2015 Fabric

1. A recognizable amount of the Hoffman Challenge 2015 Fabric Style #M7405 381G-Pomegranate Gold must be used as an integral part of the entry, and must appear in the body of the quilt, not just the border. Any amount of any other fabric may be used.
2. Judging emphasizes originality, creative use of the challenge fabric as it relates to other fabrics, visual impact, and workmanship.
3. To be considered for judging, entries must be able to travel as a part of one of the collections and will be shipped to shows throughout the year. The items in the collections will be packed and unpacked many times during that year. While great care is taken to protect the items in the collection as carefully as possible, breakable embellishments and other breakable props may become damaged.


Now, I have always wanted to make a “crab” quilt, so I decide to make one as my Hoffman challenge entry.

Here is my entry.   Can you see the Hoffman Challenge fabric?

"Pinch Me"

“Pinch Me”

Sand – I used various fabrics and appliquéd them onto muslin.

Hoffman - stones


Stones – I was inspired by Karen Kamenetzky’s work in the book titled “Quilting Art” by Spike Gillespie.   I cut out sections of the Hoffman Challenge fabric and layered them with other fabrics.   I appliquéd them down.


Hoffman - eyesEyes – I cut out some of the coins from the Challenge fabric to appliqué down.

Blue Crab – I appliquéd on some blue stonehenge fabric.

Water – I’ve been wanting to try to chennille layers of fabric to give some weight and more texture to the upper left corner.

Binding – I had trouble picking out a good binding fabric that wouldn’t distract from the piece and after auditioning multiple of fabrics, I settled on a grey.

We mailed off our entries last week so keep your fingers crossed that we get in.    I am a bit concerned that the main focus of my piece is the crab, and I did not use Hoffman fabrics for it    but I still love my piece.  So, even if it doesn’t get juried into the traveling exhibit, it will look lovely hanging in our coastal house and we had FUN working on our pieces.   It’s all about the FUN!

Wait until you see Donna’s entry in a future post.    Prepare to be amazed.

Happy Stitching,



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