Spontaneous Combustion: using prompts to spark design

image         At our last art group meeting, we used prompts to create small art quilt pieces using directions in a “Spontaneous Combustion” article by Robin Olsen in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  The article included a list of about 30 prompts to spark creativity.           imageEach person in our group used a 10″ x 10″ piece of muslin as the base.  Each person had a theme for their piece (ocean, dance movement, floral, and water).  For each round, each person drew a prompt to add to the piece.        image                                   For the first round, we added something to our own piece and then passed the piece to the person sitting next to us.  We continued adding to the piece and then passing the piece to the next person.  Examples of the some of the prompts: add words, add a doodle, add a new shape, couch something on, add circles, add curvy lines, use sheer fabric, etc.  This was a fun activity to be creative with the theme of the piece.  It was fun to see what everyone added to each piece.                  imageWe are going to continue working on these pieces at our next meeting.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


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