I’ve been “Tuffeteering”.

Tuffet in front of sunroom chair.

Tuffet in front of sunroom chair.

I took a class at Sew Happins (our local quilt shop), on making a Tuffet.

I used some of the same indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric that I used last year when I re-covered our sunroom chairs.   It was a 2 day class (one week apart).

The 1st class we made the top cover (using foundation piecing) and in today’s class, we did the upholstery work. We used an air compressor staple gun for a lot of the work.   This was the 1st time that I used it and was a little afraid of it at first but after a few staples…. it was FUN… POWER!

Top view

Top view


Some of my classmates want to make more, but I think one is enough for me.

I am going to scotch-guard my tuffet on our next sunny day.

While I think it is cute and it matches,  I think it’s a bit small & short.   Perhaps I should have selected taller legs.


Happy Stitchin,




If you are interested in taking a Tuffet class you can find instructors here > http://tuffetsource.com/affiliates/


2 thoughts on “Tuffet

  1. Love your tuffett! Looked like it would take a ‘firm hand’ that I am lacking these days, but it sure has a bright and cheery look. Hope you don’t have to eat curds and whey with that!

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