Bernese Mountain stuffed dog

image             I used Simplicity pattern #1603 (2 pattern piece animals) to make this stuffed dog.  I modified the pattern to make the dog look more like a Bernese puppy dog.  I used cotton black fabric for the body and then added white and brown cuddle fabric.  I looked at images of Bernese Mountain dogs on the internet to get ideas.  Then I cut out pieces of cuddle fabric and added the fabric to the legs, chest and face.  I used felt for the eyes and added a little white paint to the eyes.        image I made a blue scarf for the dog and Mary stitched an embroidery design of a turtle on the scarf.  Super cute.  Our Scottie dog, Ranger, wanted to play with the stuffed dog – he thought I had made a new toy for him.  It was a fun project.  I haven’t made stuffed animals since my boys were small.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna



4 thoughts on “Bernese Mountain stuffed dog

  1. I have owned three of these wonderful beasties. (I have two now-one is eleven, one nine -the breed average life span is seven, so you know I have been very, very blessed). Rudy and Piper are going to love having one of these -and so will my great niece, for her birthday. I just have a question. What is cuddle fabric? I thought you meant fleece until I saw the photo.

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