Summer Row by Row Calendar quilt

imageI made 2 row by row patterns from last year’s Row by Row Experience.  Both of the patterns represent summer.  The top row is the pattern that I designed for the quilt shop where I work.  The bottom row is a pattern from a quilt shop in Cape Cod.  I did modify this pattern since I did not like the large sailboat in the pattern.  I added more rock fabric and cut out a crab, sand buckets and small sailboats that I appliqued on the row.  I made a row of flying geese to replace the large sailboat.  I used a quick easy method to make the flying geese.  See the tutorial on this site (method 4: dimensional one seam flying geese)    image

The three center squares are original designs to represent the months of June (beach – star fish), July (4th of July), and August (picnic theme).  I made these 3 blocks last year and you can check the blog for more information about these blocks.

Now I have the fall and summer row by row calendar quilts completed.  Now to finish winter and spring.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna     image



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