Uptown Debbie Brown: Thread bag and pincushion set

image          I made this pattern for a class at the quilt shop where I work.  I added embroidery to the frond of the thread bag (butterfly).  The pattern is by Plum Easy patterns.  The directions were in color with lots of pictures and good directions.  There is piping along the top of the thread bag.  Next time I will use a small size of piping.  I used 3/16″ cord which as a little big for the size of the bag.  I made a bag for rice to put in the pincushion to give it some weight and then added polyester batting.        imageThe pattern used hooks and eyes to attach the thread bag to the pincushion.  I used velcro and and an extra rectangle piece to connect the 2 pieces.  I was not able to put a button at the top and bottom of the pincushion because of my modification.  I also sewed a piece of rubber shelf mat on the bottom of the pincushion to keep it from slipping off the table.  It works great and the set looks super cute.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


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