Getting organized for the new year

image          Mary and I have 2 closets in our sewing room.  The closets were out of control – it was hard to get the creative juices going when you couldn’t find what you needed.  So Mary and I bought more storage tubs and 2 shelving units.  We pulled everything out of the 2 closets and sorted through the stuff, threw away some stuff, and found some things we didn’t know that we had.  Then it was time to organize the stuff we wanted to keep.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Now we can find supplies and fabric that we want to use in new projects. Yeh!!!  I took  before and after pictures of one of the closets.  It feel great to be more organized – now to get started on all the new projects that are floating around in my brain.  We even have some empty tubs just waiting for new projects. Get creative.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna      image


5 thoughts on “Getting organized for the new year

  1. I have been reluctant to buy tubs, because I am afraid that stuff will permanently disappear in them, and also I love to SEE my fabric. However, my new year has started, as you know, with a giant pile of ‘stuff’ on my back bedroom floor. I have not begun to fight my way through it yet, as I have to clear out Mom’s things from the two closets first. Tubs for the ‘keepers’ from that? Definitely could happen. I saw ranks and rows of them at WalMart yesterday, a sure sign that January is reorganizing month!

    P. S. my list of projects on hand is already at 58. Am I crazy or what? Last year I completed 32 projects, some of which were UFOs, so I know progress can be made.

  2. Organizing a sewing and craft room is a useless task. It takes about two ,minutes to forget where everything is located and you just have to look through everything. I havwe tried and I have failed.

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