The quilted cat

We been so busy that we are a bit behind in post.   Here’s a project that we almost forgot to post about, so we’ll call it a Belated Post (if there is such a thing).

A good friend & quilter has a Halloween Birthday and love cats.    For her Birthday, we made this cute cat.

image image









I found the pattern at the New Bern Quilt show and Donna and I both worked on it (selecting fabrics and assembling).    We found the hat at the drugstore (after Halloween sale).

The pattern is call “CHESSIE” cat doll by Karen’s Krazy Kat #2 and is designed by Karen L Preston.    See       We did enlarge the pattern as we wanted it to be bigger and figured that it would be easier to make/stuff if it was larger.

I’m sure that this kitty will live a long and happy life in her quilt studio on a nice and high shelf.

Happy Stitchin,



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