Back from Houston Quilt Market and Quilt Show

image            I went to the Houston quilt market at the end of October  with the quilt shop owner who I work for.  We took an early morning flight  (5:15 am) and arrived at the Houston quilt market around 10 am. Hit the floor running!    This year we had our rolling totes to fill with all the samples and brochures – no more backpacks.  We started at the center of the convention center and worked one direction before stopping for lunch. Our goal for the first day was to see every booth – take pictures and pick up brochures.  We met our goal but the last few aisles were a blur – fortunately we had pictures and brochures.      On Saturday night, Moda fabrics (United Notions) hosted a buffet dinner as customer appreciation at the Houston Astros stadium.  Great Texas BBQ.         imageThen back to the hotel room to sort through our pictures and brochures and decide which booths to go back to on Sunday to order fabric, patterns, etc.  Saw some demos of new products at the Clover booth.  Met some fun new designers of fabric and bought some of their fabric and patterns.  Every booth at market is like a quilt show with lots of finished quilts.  It is great to see the patterns made into quilts.  On Monday morning before our flight  we did a little more booth shopping and then back home.

   imageOn Sunday afternoon, we did spend some time looking at the quilts in the quilt show.  We are fortunate that the quilt show is open during market so we get to see the amazing quilts.  I tried to take as many pictures as I could to get inspired with my own quilts.  There was a fun exhibit of quilts based on the Beatles songs.  While I was looking at this exhibit, I started to hear a Beatles song.  When I walked around the corner, there were 3 women who were listening to a song on a cell phone.  They were trying to figure out if they knew the song that the quilt was based on. Too funny!  I have posted a few of the amazing quilts.  Maybe next year Mary an I will be able to go to the quilt show later in the week and actually spend a whole day looking at the quilts.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna



One thought on “Back from Houston Quilt Market and Quilt Show

  1. Fabulous . . . I keep seeing photos on my facebook ‘like’ pages. Must have been an awful lot of quilts! So few repeats! Love the VW quilt!

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