Spontaneous Combustion for freestyle mixed media stitch projects

image          I found an article on clothpaperscissors.com about using prompts to spark design choices on art quilts.  The article is written by Robin Olsen.  You can learn more about Robin and her art at robinolsen.blogspot.com.   Mary and I tried this exercise to create a mini-quilt block (about 9″ square). There is a list of prompts to spark your design in the article.  I copied the prompts and put them in a paper bag.  Mary and I took turns drawing a prompt to follow to add to our quilt block.  I used 10 prompts before stopping to add quilting and stitching to finish my block.  Here are the prompts that I pulled from the bag: add a sketch (I drew a bird shape), add circles, add squares, add something ugly, add something unusual, add stripes, do a black and white doodle and then color it in, attach something that isn’t fully anchored down, close your eyes and choose a fabric, and add a color of a different value. It was a fun activity.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


One thought on “Spontaneous Combustion for freestyle mixed media stitch projects

  1. Interesting! I am so caught up in finishing all the quilts I started last week that this exercise is going to have to wait a while . . . but I would enjoy trying it!

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