Natural Inspiration: Shell Bowls by Poorhouse Quilt designs

image           This pattern helps you to combine your scraps, threads, etc. to create a bowl that is inspired by nature.  I used the “shell” bowl pattern to make a scallop bowl.  There were 5 different shell patterns to choose.  I enlarged the scallop pattern.  I used Inn-spire Plus by Innovative Craft Products which is a double sided fusible.  First I fused the backing fabric on to the scallop shape which I cut from the Inn-spire Plus.  Then I chose strips of batik fabric to make the shell shape.  I used a zig-zag stitch to decorate the front of the shell.  Then I added the white fabric accent strips to the front.  After fusing the front fabrics,  I finished the edges by using a zig-zig stitch.  Then I used a dry hot iron to heat the shell and placed the shell between two bowls to mold the shell into a bowl.  It was easy to mold once the shape was heated. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


2 thoughts on “Natural Inspiration: Shell Bowls by Poorhouse Quilt designs

  1. Love this look! Very pretty way to use some batiks! I have been using fusible fleece for another purse attempt, and now I want to try that double sided fusible! results are beautiful!

  2. You might want to try Soft n Stable for a purse – it really helps the purse hold its shape. The Inn-spire plus that I used for the shell project wouldn’t work well for a purse – it is used mold the fabric to different shapes and then hardens. The Inn-spire plus was easy to use to make the bowl.

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