Turtle Cay pattern by Cool Cat Creations

image          I saw this turtle quilt pattern last year at Houston Quilt  imageMarket.  I found the pattern in my drawer a couple of weeks ago and decided to make the quilt.  The background squares use a curve piecing technique without a template which is a method that I enjoy doing.  I used Northcott Shimmer fabric for the ocean water background squares.  I also used some of the Shimmer fabrics for the fish and turtles.  I used a calming water quilting pattern for the background of the quilt.  I used decorative stitches and the blanket stitches to attach the applique pieces for the quilt.  I only added one border to the quilt and skipped the final border of 6.5″ because the quilt was big enough for use as a wall hanging.   Keep having fun quilting and sewing.  Donna



5 thoughts on “Turtle Cay pattern by Cool Cat Creations

  1. I spied this pattern on Pinterest and a link led to your blog, love your quilt, lovely choice of fabrics. Kitty Ann, Wilmington NC

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