Badge Holders for quilt shows and conventions

image                        Mary and I attended the AQS show in Charlotte with our quilting friend Carolyn at the end of July.  I was watching a Quilting Arts dvd (show #901) the week before the show and saw Susan Brubaker Knapp demonstrate how to make an artsy badge holder.  So I showed Mary the episode and we decided to make a badge holder instead of using those black badge holders that they give you at quilt shows and conventions since we were going to attend the quilt show in Charlotte.  Mary made the white and black badge holder and used colored pencils to color some of the flower designs.  I made 2 flower badge holders (one for Carolyn and one for me).  I used free motion quilting with black thread to keep the applique flowers in place.  There is a vinyl pocket on the front to hold your name card.  The directions for the badge holders are on the Quilting Arts website – look for episode 901.  Keep having fun creating and sewing. Donna and Mary


2 thoughts on “Badge Holders for quilt shows and conventions

  1. As always, your constant production of cute small projects amazes me! Just want to let you know that I love the ‘row by row’ beach scene and enjoyed making it. I’m now working on my 3d ‘row’ and collecting patterns — I am not rushing to get done, I want my quilt to have a theme and some color unity.

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