Bird Art Quilt is finished!!!

image            I started my bird quilt last September with the bluebird and hummingbird applique squares.  Zebra Patterns makes these bird applique patterns. There are 12 birds in the series.  Once I finished these 2 squares, I decided to make a larger wallhanging with different bird squares.  I started work again on the project in May.  I read some articles about fabric collages in Quilting Arts magazines and decided to give it a try.  My first collage was the chickadee square – I used an embroidery design on my sewing machine to make the chickadee.  After I made this square, I decided to quilt the background of the squares/rectangles before adding the fabric collage pieces.  I used different decorative stitches for the machine applique and used free motion quilting.  I used Quilt As You Go to connect the quilt squares/rectangles together.   Leah Day has a good tutorial on Quilt As You Go.  I still have more ideas/ inspiration to make another bird quilt.  Keep having fun creating and quilting. Donna


3 thoughts on “Bird Art Quilt is finished!!!

  1. this is just one of the PRETTIEST pieces of work EVER. I love it–and especially the bird in the nest.

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