Back porch makeover

Another item off my to-do list.

Before - with gold/yellow cushion covers

Our scottie, Ranger, chilling out on the ugly gold/yellow cushion.

When we bought these porch chairs we thought they were really comfortable (with thick cushions),  with a great price, but had ugly gold/yellow cushions.

Now I know that our scottie pup, Ranger, makes them look good, but I still disliked the color.

We bought fabric (actually 3 different decorator fabrics) but it remained on my to-do list.

Porch chair2

Recovered chair.

Porch chair

The new look !

Two years later, and I finally got around to recovering them.

I pulled out all the fabrics and noticed that I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to recover the 2 chairs.   So, I decided to use all three fabrics and I love how they turned out.  So much more FUN than just using a single fabric.

Now I just need to get a bigger accent rug.

Happy Stitchin,




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