Modern Dresden Fan table runner

DSCN8767                I found this pattern for the Dresden Fan blocks on the following blog: Hyacinth Quilt Designs.  The directions were good.  I liked the look of this quilt block with the white space to make it look more modern.  The last time I made a Dresden Fan quilt was in the 80’s when I used a cardboard template to cut out hundreds of shapes to made a queen size quilt.  This pattern was a lot easier using a rotary cutter for the shapes.  One strip set of 3 different fabrics makes blocks for 2 different fan designs. I used a Stack n Whack 15 degree fan ruler to cut the wedges. I made a table runner but you could also use these blocks to make a quilt.  I used white fabric for my neutral and green/ red fabrics to make the holiday table runner.  Since I make all my table runners reversible, I used Halloween scraps to strip piece for the backing. Have fun creating and quilting. Donna                DSCN8766DSCN8764


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