Sketch book cover

I recently bought a small sketch book.   I have a larger one but I wanted one that I could take with me that didn’t take up much space.  Unfortunately, all I could find were ones with the ugly black cover.  So… I made a cover for it out of one of my favorite fabrics.   You know, the fabric that you love so much that you haven’t made anything out of it.   We all have it.  Well… this is mine.

sketchbook1 sketchbook2 sketchbook3

Fortunately this project only took a small amount of it so I still have more fabric to Save and Admire.

Now this sketch book just screams CREATE-DRAW-PLAY.

Happy Stitchin,


PS…. this little project reminded me of my childhood days when we covered our school books with paper bag covers.


4 thoughts on “Sketch book cover

  1. i have been making them for my yearly planners. I also have made them out of dog material for my friends for the holidays. I have a ton of Scottie fabric and was able to find Cairn Terrier and Doxie fabric for my friends.

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