Tumbler Table Runner – with a twist

Over a year ago, a quilting friend cut some tumbler blocks for me with her Accuquilt fabric cutter.    This is the first time that I have pieced tumble blocks.   Wow… they were so easy to put together and everything lined up beautifully.

Tumbler table runner.

Tumbler table runner.

The twist:  I decided to couch some yarn into spirals of top to add some texture.


Unfortunately I did not use any stablizer (only used the standard top-batting-bottom sandwich) and as a result…. the couching caused the  top to ripple/wave.   I think that if I’d add some fusible stabilizer to the sandwich, it might not have rippled so much.

So…….. I crazy quilted it, ironed, steamed, used best press, ironed, and steamed again.   Then I placed it flat on my sewing table and stacked quilting magazines, quilting books, and fabric storage bins on top of it for a day.


After the reveal… the ripples/waves were less, but still noticeable (to me).   Lesson learn….. next time I’ll us a stabilizer.

Here is the back of the table runner.  We like to make them reversible so I made my a halloween back (in honor of my friend who cut out the tumbler blocks for me – her birthday is halloween).   Thanks Carolyn.



I’m still happy with it (ripples/waves and all).   If you have any tips for gettin ripples/waves out, let me know.

Happy Stitchin,



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