Bird theme fabric collages

                  These are my first 2 fabric collages for my bird quilt wall hanging.  I used machine embroidery to make the 2 birds that I used for these collages. For the first collage, I used a stabilizer (Pellon 910) to build the collage.  It was fun to applique different shapes to the collage.  What I would do different?  I would quilt the background fabric before I started to applique the fabric pieces.  So on the next collage piece with the red bird, I made the background piece first and then quilted the background.  For the second piece, I inserted some curved strips and added some trim.  I still need to quilt the first piece before I put it into my bird quilt.  It was so much fun to find scraps to create the fabric collages.  I can’t wait to make some more.  Keep having fun creating and quilting. Donna     DSCN8719


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