Quilt of Valor finished on Memorial Day

DSCN8699               Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all those who serve our country and have served in the past.   I finished my Quilt of Valor on Memorial Day. I will be donating this quilt tonight at our local quilt guild meeting.  I used a “Quilt as you Go” technique from Leah Day (you tube video). The technique worked well.  It was easier to quilt small sections at a time rather than the whole quilt.  I also used quilting in the hoop with my embroidery machine to make the star blocks.  I hooped the wash away stabilizer first.  Then I put my quilt square layers on top of the stabilizer (top fabric – batting – backing fabric).  It was fun making the star blocks in the embroidery hoop. Keep having fun quilting. Donna    DSCN8709       DSCN8703


One thought on “Quilt of Valor finished on Memorial Day

  1. Perfect project for the holiday! That will be my next thing, a Quilt of Valor. The bright color one I am working on right now . . . I’m thinking ALS Hopes and Dreams for that one.

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