Having fun with embroidery on hand towels

DSCN8505                I took a class to learn how to do machine embroidery on hand towels.  The selected design was the turtle.  We used aqua film topper on the top of the towel and added a basting stitch to hold it in place.  On the back as a stabilizer we used aqua mesh wash away.  After the class I tried some embroidery on two more towels.  I found a palm tree design on my machine.  I thought that I needed only 2 colors so I picked a brown variegated thread and green thread for the palm leaves.  I missed the second color change which was suppose to be another shade of brown for shading on the tree trunk – so my shading is in green (same as the leaves).  For the second try, Mary thought that I needed a brighter color for the palm leaves so I picked a teal color. This time I remembered to change to the second color (light brown) before starting with the teal color for the leaves.  I have a couple more towels to try designs on.  Keep having fun creating and sewing.  Donna


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