Bull Eye’s group quilt project is finished!!

DSCN7257                 Last month I finished my quilt from the 5 wedges of the individual Bull Eye’s quilts (circle).  There were 4 members of our group. Each person made a circle quilt – each row was made using different techniques (paper piecing, fusing, different shapes).  We had 2 focus fabrics to help coordinate the 4 circle quilts.  One member made 2 circle quilts so that there was more variety when we cut apart the circle quilts.  All 5 circles quilts were cut into 5 wedges.  Each member received 5 different wedges to use to make a new design.  I dissected the 5 wedges to make a landscape wall hanging.  Look closely to find the parts from the 5 wedges in my final quilt.  It was fun to used the parts to create a new whole.  This project provided lots of challenges and the opportunity to try new techniques.  At Mary’s suggestion, I reworked my blue sky by using a quilted tile technique (using the book – Radiant Landscapes by Gloria Loughman).  The final 4 quilts were amazing – very different and unique.  Keep sewing and quilting.  Donna

DSCN7278 DSCN8345


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