Alphabet Baby Quilt

Our niece and her husband are having another baby.   They do not want to know the sex of the baby until the delivery.   So I made them a gender neutral baby quilt.

I love the alphabet print fabric and I think it can be a real educational and fun quilt.   One can play eye spy, count the circles, and point to colors.  Fun.

I used white & green polka dot flannel fabric on the back to make it real cozy.

Happy Stitchin,



Pattern: Fab Five by Abbey Lane Quilts.


Ranger approved.


4 thoughts on “Alphabet Baby Quilt

  1. This is so cute!! Love it you need to write up the pattern and post it to pintrest !! I am telling you guys you can make your line of patterns !!

  2. Hi Ranger’s peeps. This is a cute craft blog. Our Mommy just got a sewing machine — and was trying so hard to make a hair scrunchie for her niece (without a pattern or measurements) — it was an epic fail! Mommy has to do more research! Anyway, we think the stuff you made is really pawsome. I think I like those little pencil case thingys the best.

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