Sailboat on Cape Cod bay

DSCN5903Last year I took a landscape class from Joyce Becker at Empty Spools Seminars (Pacific Grove, CA).  It was a great 5 day class.  We worked with photographs as inspiration for our wall hangings (Joyce Becker’s book – Beautifully Embellished Landscapes).  My first quilt project was the Eastham lighthouse on Cape Cod.  I started a second project towards the end of the week.  The photograph was a sailboat on the beach along Cape Cod bay.  I simplify my design by editing out the building in the photograph so that I could focus on the sailboat.  I used white fabric for the sailboat that I colored with fabric markers and colored pencils.  I added fabric paint to the water for the waves.  Joyce had lots of paints for us to play with during the class.  It was a fun class and I learned lots of new techniques for making landscape quilts.  This sailboat quilt was put on my UFO list to finish in 2014. So I started to finish the project earlier this month.  I did not like my sky fabric.  My son gave Mary a quilting book by Gloria Loughman (Radiant Landscapes) which uses tiled colors in quilts.  So I used squares tiles for my sky and really like the look of the tiles. I plan to try some of the other tile techniques in the book.  I decided to add a small border and a wider border to finish the quilt.  Can’t wait to hang this quilt in our house.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna    DSCN8250



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