Wacky Birds block

DSCN8246           I found the wacky birds pattern on the internet.  Last month I received in the mail my quarterly club supplies from Trish Stuart.  She had sent wool, burlap, cheesecloth and thread with instructions on how to make flowers using these supplies.  The challenge was to make something with these supplies.  So I made a quilt block with the wacky birds ( I used felt and cotton fabric for the birds).  I used the burlap and pieces of wool for the grass at the bottom of the block.  Then I used one of Trish’s flower techniques to make flowers with cheesecloth.  I added details to the flowers with burlap. Stems and leaves were made with felt and wool.  I used machine applique techniques to attach the pieces on the block (triple stitch and blanket stitch).  This wacky bird block will be added to a bird wall hanging that I am working on.  I have 2 appliqued bird blocks ready (bluebird and hummingbird) to add to the wall hanging.  Still waiting for more inspiration for the rest of the blocks and overall design of the wall hanging.   Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna            DSCN8247



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