Purple Kitty

UFO completed.

Ok…. I’ll admit it…. I’m a dog person.   So why did I make a purple kitty?   Well a wonderful Fabric Artist Pat Mattison recently moved to our area and is now a member of our Quilt Guild (Quilters by the Sea).   I just love her fiber collage work and she taught a wonderful workshop in the Fall of 2013.

We started with an image of a kitten that she supplied.    cat1

We roughly  traced the dark and light areas (focusing on the values) and then fussy cut fabric to recreate the image.

I decide to make mine a purple kitty and I chose some purple flower fabric and used it to construct the kitty.   Overlaying and glueing pieces on top of one another was also a good project to work on when we loss power in a recent ice storm.


I shredded shear white polyester fabric and glued it on, to give a bit of a fur effect.

I also did some thread painting (when power returned) on the kitty to added texture and again give it a furry look.

I couched some floss for the whiskers and did a bit of triple stitching  for some additional (and lighter) whiskers.

Lastly, I used a big purple rick-rack for the binding.   It was a fun piece to work on.

Here is my finished kitty.


It’s a small piece but kinda cute (I think) for a cat.   I plan on giving it as a gift to a friend who loves cats.   I hope she likes it.

Happy Stitchin,



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