Beatle Bag by Abbey Lane quilts

   DSCN8214             Beatle Bag is a “Grab, Go, and Sew” bag to carry your sewing and quilting supplies to classes or retreats.  I saw this bag at the Houston Quilt Market and just had to make it – it looked so cute. (  The inside of the bag has 2 pockets, a detachable pincushion and vinyl zippered pouches to hold your sewing supplies.  I would make some modifications when I make this bag pattern again.  The pattern uses Soft and Stable foam foundation for the outside and inside fabrics of the bag.  I think that using Soft and Stable for both the outside and inside fabrics make the bag very thick. I would substitute shape flex on the back of the lining fabric.  I would also make the pocket on the left about an inch wider.  I would substitute shape flex for the back of the pocket fabric instead of using Soft and Stable which makes the pockets too thick (in my opinion).  The bag is a fun shape and can hold lots of sewing supplies.  Keep sewing and crafting.  Donna                                                               DSCN8216



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