Eastham Lighthouse quilt – another UFO completed!!


Last spring I took a landscape class from Joyce Becker at Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar (Monterey, CA).  The landscape quilts that we made in the class were based on photographs that we brought to class.  Joyce provided lots of paint, colored pencils and other stuff to embellish our quilts. Joyce was a great teacher and helped me add shadows and other details to my quilt.  I started with the background fabric for the sky and foreground and then built the landscaped from this foundation base.  I used a photo of the Eastham lighthouse on Cape Cod, Ma. for my inspiration.  I always wanted to make a lighthouse quilt.  I took lots of pictures of lighthouses when Mary and I visited Cape Cod in the fall of 2012 to visit family and friends.  And another UFO completed in 2014!!  Keep sewing and crafting.  Donna

DSCN8204 DSCN8206


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