Owl baby tag toy

DSCN8161        I just love sewing with cuddle fabric – it is so so soft.  I found a free tutorial to make an Owl tag toy on this blog: http://twomoreminutes.com/owl-tag-toy-pattern-and-tutorial/.

I decided to use cuddle fabric for the body and flannel scraps for the face and wings. I put shape flex interfacing on the back to stabilizer the cuddle fabric so that it would be easy to sew.   I used a blanket stitch to sew on the flannel pieces. I used scraps of ribbon to make the tags along the body and for the feet.  I think that the owl is super cute.  Have fun sewing and crafting. Donna


2 thoughts on “Owl baby tag toy

    • A “tag” toy is a toy or small blanket for a baby that has ribbons (tags) that stick out from the sides of the toy or blanket. A baby can feel the different textures of the ribbons or grab onto the ribbons. I have made small blankets (size about 15-20 inch squares) with ribbons (tags) attached to the sides of the blankets.

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