Selvage snowman

DSCN8014          My guild had a traditional made modern block challenge this month – the block could be a snowman or a snowflake.  So I decided to make a snowman head with a hat and scarf using the snowball block pattern for the snowman’s head.  I decided to make the block bigger to allow room for the hat and scarf.  I made a wonky log cabin block around the snowman’s head using light and dark blue fabrics from my scrap box.  I used white selvages for the snowman’s head, red selvages for the scarf and black and gray selvages for the hat.  Then I looked at the mini wall hanging – the block just kept growing.  Now the snowman needed a body with some stick arms.  So I put together more white selvages to make the body.  Once I added the dark blue inner border and light blue star border, the wall hanging grew to its finished size – a little bigger than a block – lol.  I added some buttons and yarn to the scarf.  I think the snowman looks cute. I plan to hang the wall hanging in my entry hall during the winter months.  It was fun using the selvages to create the snowman.  Keep sewing and creating.  Donna DSCN8012


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