Blue Pumpkin

I’m in my “Blue” period.   Here is my Blue textured Pumpkin. blue pumpkin

I took a class from Alice Ridge on Tucks, Texture & Embellishments.  One of the things we played with, was creating texture with ribbons, threads, yard and whatever scraps you have on hand.  We used texture magic and water soluble stabilizer to create a real cool textured fabric.

Here’s the how to (in case you were wondering).

Layers (bottom to top):

  • texture magic
  • piece of quilting cotton fabric
  • scatter scraps (ribbons, threads, yarn, fabric scraps)
  • water soluble stabilizer

Sew thru the layers with straight lines that crisscross.

Hold a steam iron over the layers (and watch it scrunch up).   Let the steam only hit the layer stack.

Once scrunched, soak layers stack in water to remove the stabilizer and then let it dry.  I let it dry on our ironing board for a few days.

Blue pumpkin (close-up)Then, one day when I went to move it, I noticed that it kinda reminded me of a pumpkin.  So, I  cut it into a shape of a pumpkin and then did some bobbin work to attach it to my fabric square.    I added borders, quilting and then mounted it onto a stretcher frame so we could hang it.

I love playing with non-traditional techniques and this was my 1st time doing bobbin work.   It creates a very cool effect and allows you to use lots of real funky and blingy threads.

Happy Stitchin & Happy Thanksgiving!



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