The Quilt Trail in Burnsville, NC


The Burnsville sundial square can be seen from the Town Hall. It shows Eastern Standard Time, Daylight Savings Time, and Local Solar Time.

While we were road-tripin in Asheville, NC we went on one of the Quilt Trails to Burnsville, NC.

There are ~50 large quilt squares (painted on wood) on the sides of building & barns in Yancey County.

Burnsville is about 40 mins  outside of Asheville and well worth the road trip.

Here is a sampling of some of the other quilt squares we saw on our drive.



We saw squares on a school, some barns, office buildings, a Subway shop, Ace Hardware, a bakery, and a B&B (just a few of the locations).



Driving on the Quilt Trail is like a treasure hunt.   Look… over there!    There’s another one!

We saw over 30 quilt squares and had a blast.


Burnsville is a lovely town with lots of fun and arty shows.
One of these quilted sheep almost made it home with us.

You can read all about the Quilt Trails in Western North Carolina here ==>

Happy Stitchin.   Mary


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