Pet Postcards for Houston Quilt Show

Mary and I had fun making these pet postcards to send to the Houston Quilt Festival this year.  Pokey Bolton (from Quilting Arts) is collecting pet postcards to raise money to benefit the “Friends for Life” which is Houston’s premier no-kill animal shelter.  Check out directions to make quilted postcards on Pokey’s blog –

Mary made the 2 scottie postcards for her puppy dog, Ranger.  She used photoshop to change the colors of one of her photographs of Ranger.   She made the rug in the 2nd postcard using scraps of fabric and then using decorative stitches to give the look of a braided rug.  Ranger is a good puppy – he doesn’t play with our shoes – thank goodness!!

I made the fish since we live near the ocean and I like making quilted fish.   I found the brown dog design on a coloring book site on the internet.  I changed the color from black and white to a brown dog and added the grass.

Keep on having fun creating.  Mary and Donna



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