Modern Baby Quilt – 2 color challenge

Our Modern Quilting group had a 2 color challenge over the summer break.   You had to use any 2 colors and 1 neutral.  The quilt could be anything (placemats, pillow, bed quilt, baby quilt, etc).    You were also supposed to use Modern techniques.

Well… when I’ve googled modern baby quilts I have seen a lot of quilts that look like adult quilts that are just made small.   What happened to cute baby quilts in the modern movement?   So I decide to make a cutesy Modern Baby quilt.

My colors were turquoise and yellow and I used light grey as my neutral.    This is my original design.   The train is applique’d on after the quilting.

The turquoise and yellow strips are supposed to represent railroad tracks.   I’m real proud of my quilting on this one.   It also is supposed to give the feel of railroad tracks.


I hope you like it (hit the LIKE button).     Happy Stitchin.   Mary


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