Large bag to carry cutting mat and rulers

DSCN7363             I found this bag pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  The pattern said that it would take 120 minutes to complete – took me longer.  I would change some things on the pattern.  I would put decor bond or craft fuse on the 2 front pockets and large back pocket instead of batting.  It was very hard to stitch the bottom of the bag with so many layers of batting and fabric.  I also added shape flex (interfacing) to the inside pockets.  The size of the bag is great and can carry a 18″ x 24″ cutting mat in the back pocket and a 6″ by 18″ or 24″ ruler in the large front pocket.  I also made the 2 small front pockets larger than the pattern directions.  I made 7″ square pockets rather than 5″ square pockets.  I thought larger pockets would hold more stuff.  Have fun sewing.  Donna  DSCN7364


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