Photography roots Quilt

I am a photographer at heart but have also learned to love quilting.   I made & designed this quilt to pay honor to my photography roots.   The flowers were fussy cut from a panel and I did a bit of thread painting on them.   I created a film strip design and then used B&W fabric (Turning 20 Again design) to fill out the rest of the wall hanging.

Photo Quilt

A little tread painting of the flowers.

B&W photos printed on fabric.

B&W photos printed on fabric.

I included some photos (that were printed on fabric) that I took of some vintage cameras and included them in the 4 patch(s) in the ‘Turning 20 Again’ B&W design.

Ranger (our scottie pup) approved

Ranger (our scottie pup) approved

Happy Stitch’n.  Mary


2 thoughts on “Photography roots Quilt

  1. I just love this! I worked many years at a movie theatre in my teens and early twenties, this is so inspiring to me. Beautiful idea to include your photography here also!

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