Christmas in July: Ornament placemat

DSCN7285                       Christmas in July project: I saw an idea on pinterest for an ornament placemat so I decided to try the idea.  I took a large plate for my pattern but drew the circle about 1 – 2 inches larger than the plate.  I used shape flex on the front and back of the placemat.  First try at the ornament holder on top was a holiday fabric.  Mary looked at the pillow and told me that the holder needed to be shiny.  So I found some shiny polyester fabric at the quilt shop to use for the holder.  I used shape flex on the back of this fabric too.  Now the ornament has a shiny holder on top.  If I make one more placemat, then I will have 2 placemats for the bar in our  kitchen.   A project for another day.  Keep on sewing!!    Donna            DSCN7289


One thought on “Christmas in July: Ornament placemat

  1. Very Cute, like the silver lame for the ornament topper. You need to make another one with Scotty Christmas fabric so Mary has one too 😉

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