Sewing & Quilting Expo and Hand-dyed fabrics

Sir Walter Raleigh.

Close-up of Sir Walter Raleigh.

I recently went to the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Raleigh, NC.

Just outside the New Raleigh Convention Center is a statue of Sir Walter Raleigh.   They dress him up for the various conference that are held there.  I loved his quilted vest and the pincushion on his wrist.

There was also a car covered in fabric.

Pieced fabric car cover.

Pieced fabric car cover.

While there, I took 2 classes.  One was a Fabric Dying class with Stacy Michell ( ).     We got to dye 16 single color fabric and 8 multi-colored fabric.

My multi-color dyed fabric.

My multi-color dyed fabric.

My single color dyed fabric.

My single color dyed fabric.

It was great fun mixing color to achieve the shades and tones that we wanted.   We were mad Dye mixologist.

Donna had to work so she couldn’t go, but being the ‘good sister’ that I am, I brought home dye and fabric for her.    

Sunday morning we played in the garage and Donna dyed her 8 multi-color fabric squares.

Donna did a number of color gradations.  Very cool.

Donna's hand dyed fabric.

Donna’s hand dyed fabric.

Donna's hand dyed fabrics.

Donna’s hand dyed fabrics.

FUN, fun, fun!

We haven’t decide what special project we are going to do with our hand-dyed fabric… but the ideas are flowing.

I tell you more about the Paint Stick class, that I also took, once I finish that project.  Be prepared to be amazed.

Happy Stitching,



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