Studio re-organization/clean-out

Donna and I both like a ‘somewhat’ tidy workspace.   A little messy is ok, but we find that too much clutter is not good for our creativity.  An overly cluttered workspace makes for a cluttered brain (I heard that someplace).   We also have limited space and when it takes too long to move stuff before you can find what you need, then it is time for a good ol clear-out.

So… we  cleaned out/re-organized our primary quilting closet.  Things were overflowing and it was getting hard to find what we wanted.    We filled 2 bag of trash and found some stuff to take to Goodwill.

It always feels good to purge stuff and re-organize your space.    We even found stuff that we totally forgot about.

New ironing table.

New ironing table.

While we were on a re-organizing roll, I decided to finally turn that old sewing table into a small ironing table.

I love it.    It will come in handy for all that applique and paper piecing.   Now I can just swivel around from my sewing table to my ironing/pressing table.    I feel more efficient already.

Happy Stitch’n and Press’n,



One thought on “Studio re-organization/clean-out

  1. Love the new ironing table !! You guys are so tidy. I just keep makeing piles . I should take a lesson from you too !!

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