Post #100: Bull’s Eye quilt project (Inspiration Odyssey by Diana Swim Wessel)

DSCN7257              I am working with 3 other quilters on this bull eye’s quilt project.  All my rounds are now complete.  The first round was a single fabric (6″ round) so that it would be easier to cut the quilt projects in fourths.  The second round (2″) was triangles. So I paper pieced the triangles using the focus fabric (stripes) and complementary fabrics.  The third round (4″) was a botanical theme – applique or pieced.  I was inspired by the flowers that I saw in Hawaii in April. I used one of my flower photos for the inspiration for the flowers and leaves.  Then I used some thread work on the leaves and flowers.  The fourth round (6″) was squares.  I used one of our other focus fabrics (light green fabric) as the background.  Then I made 4 patch squares using the striped focus fabric and complementary fabrics. I used machine applique  and varigated thread to place the 4 patch squares on the round.  The last round is 4″ and personal choice for the design.  I saw a quilt with a starry night and fireworks design.  So I decided to add a starry night theme for the last round.  I made 8″ squares using a muslin base and wonky strips of starry fabric.  I attached the squares and then cut out the final round and stitched the previous rounds to the last round.  Next step will be to take the finished quilt top rounds of the 4 quilters and then cut each round into fourths.  Each quilter will receive one fourth of each quilt.  Then each quilter can put together the pieces using their own design.  I have learned a lot about working with a circles as the design for a quilt.  I can’t wait to see what the other 3 circle quilts look like.  I think it will be hard to cut the quilt into 4 pieces.  Donna


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