Beach tote bag using pet screen

I made this tote using navy pet screen on the bottom so the sand will just fall out of the bag.  I added a pocket to each of the outside panels.  I also added a zippered pocket on the inside.  The size is about 18″ wide and about 15″ tall.  This was my first try making a bag using the pet screen.  I didn’t use a pattern for this bag – just cut out the size I wanted for the bag and started sewing.  The pet screen was not hard to sew on except it was hard to see the navy thread on the navy pet screen.  The width of the pet screen piece that I bought was 18″ so that was the width of my bag. I used decor bond on the outside panels to make the bag stiffer.  Things that I would do differently for the next bag: make the handles wider and add batting to the handles (mine are only about 1″ wide and had decor bond in the handles) and make french seams for the inside of the bag for a more finished seam.  I will change the handles of this bag.  So I will make these changes to the next beach bag.  I will post that bag after I finish it.   Enjoy the beach.  Donna      DSCN7221



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