Reverse Applique Fish

What fun!!!  I checked a couple of tutorial on line to find out how to do reverse applique.  So easy.  I did modify the directions so that I did not use a card for the base.  I used muslin that had decor bond fused on the back.  Then I glued the strips of fabric right side up (selvage strips) and ribbon on the muslin background.  Next I used decorative stitches to hold the fabric strips and ribbon in place.  I used a silver sparkle thread (polyester) for the decorative stitching.   I traced my shape (fish) on freezer paper – paper side not shiny side.  I placed the background fabric right side up on the muslin piece – also right side up.  I ironed the freezer paper design on the background.  Then I stitched (using straight stitch) around the shape with the same silver thread.  Removed the freezer paper and stitched again and then added a decorative stitch on the third time around.  You could also add additional stitching on the background fabric but I didn’t.  I trimmed the muslin piece by 1/2″ around all edges.  Then pressed the top background piece over to the back.  Then topstitched on the top.  Fun and quick project.  Next I am going try adding a reverse applique design to a kid’s t-shirt.   DonnaDSCN7216


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