Quilt Guild Challenge – Name That Tune

Our Quilt Guild (Quilters by the Sea) had a quilt challenge and this weekend Donna and I worked on our pieces for the challenge.   The theme was “Name that Tune”.   Here is my entry.



Close up of the doggie.

Can you Name that Tune?

The doggie was created from a photo of my scottie puppy Ranger (and he has his own blog).   See his blog here ==> http://ranger-scottie.blogspot.com/     I traced the photo and then applique’d it onto the piece.   I also used fabric markers, fabric colored pencils, and thread painting to add some texture and details to the doggie.

Last night, I won 1st place for “Best Interpretation of the Theme”.


Our guild president made the ribbons.  They were made out of fabric.  Aren’t they great?   I also won a gift card to a local fabric store.

Answer (in case you didn’t get it):  “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”

Happy Stitch’n.


Ps.  To view other Scottie quilts, click on the Scottie Quilts Category (on the right).


2 thoughts on “Quilt Guild Challenge – Name That Tune

  1. love your quilt. I made a Scottie quilt called Bonnie’s quilt. It is made up of part of my large selection of Scottie fabrics and appliqued Scotties. It was included in the Campbell Scottish Terrier blog.I will sent you a picture of it if you are interested.

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