Empty Spools seminar – 2nd landscape project – Sailboat

DSCN5903   I was so excited about making the lighthouse quilt that I decided to make another smaller quilt during the seminar. Here is the inspiration photo for the sailboat quilt.  This picture is taken on the bay side of Cape Code near Truro.  I simplified my quilt and did not add the buildings from the photo.  I used fabric pastels and fabric markers to make the boat from white fabric. I added  wood fabric in the center of the boat.  I used a black Sharpie marker to accent the mast so that it was more visible.  I plan to add cording for the rope on the mast.  I also used white fabric textile paint to add dimension to the waves. Another fun project.  I can’t wait to finish my quilt projects from the Empty Spools seminar.   I have included the inspiration photo and pictures of the quilt in progress. Donna



2 thoughts on “Empty Spools seminar – 2nd landscape project – Sailboat

  1. Wow this is beautiful !! What a great class you really have you really absorbed all the teacher had to offer !!!

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